Formations in Feedback

Iota Center
Building the foundation for an international community of artists, scholars, and anyone else interested in the art of light and movement.

The Ultimate Video Feedback Page
People who have contributed to the exploration of Video Feedback - on all continents!

Skip Sweeny Feedback Exhibit at
Skip Sweeney (1985). This exhibit points a video camera at a monitor displaying what the camera is viewing. Like bringing a microphone too near the PA speaker, video feedback occurs. Organic in appearence, continuously geometric in nature, the black & white images pulsate and evolve as the visitor changes the angle of the camera and the focal-length of the zoom lens.

Fractal Feedback
With a good camera and a bad TV you can create a wide variety of images...

Russian Feedback Page - Shohdy Nagib
Video feedback is a simple way to produce hypnotizing video effects at home, with minimal costs...

Alpha Channel Video
Catalog of Video for your HEAD from Dr. T.

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