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Dan Mahoney's video "Formations in Feedback" explores the mysterious world of video feedback. This is a world of beautiful colors, abstract shapes, and fluid motion. Formations of infinite variety emerge from deep within this feedback cycle.

Video feedback is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the output of an electronic circuit is fed to its input. The resulting images repeat into infinity, transforming into flowing vortices after crossing the zero threshold. A computer is then utilized for motion control purposes. The computer bends, twists, and warps the video image into their final mutated form. Feedback is a non-linear chaotic function, similar in nature to fractal geometry.

This video represents the initial experiments and special treatments which the artist has developed. It is an innovative look into the future of abstract video art. The ambient soundtrack music was specially composed to accompany the visuals. It creates a synchronous audio/visual experience for the viewer. Together the music and visuals move the audience through the innerspace of electronic transformations.

Run Time: 23 minutes

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